General Rules

No, you cannot be an Admin or Moderator.
Quit asking. We decide when to promote a user based on how mature, trusted, respectable, and generally applicable you are.

Listen to the staff.
They're here to keep peace and order in the site.

Don't spam.
Spamming is the act of posting repeated and often useless messages. If you're new, you will be seen as a "spam attacker", and will be promptly permanently banned. Otherwise, you will be banned for 10 minutes, and that time will increment exponentially every time you continue.

No cybersex or online dating.
Any "-kisses- umg i luv u so much" crap, romantic roleplaying, online dating, sexual stuff, etc. isn't allowed anywhere on this website. Any excuses will be laughed at, and repeat offenses will be dealt with by doubling the original ban length.

Also, since a large amount of our users are kids, if anything sexual happens with any of them, you will be permanently banned and reported to your local authorities if necessary. We obviously do not tolerate pedophilia, and have a responsibility to protect our members from harm as best we can.

Don't give away personal information.
We don't want this site on the news as a gateway to child abduction.

Don't be purposefully rude to new users
Whether it's an attempt to scare them away from this site, or you're just being an edgy retard, just don't.

Don't give anyone access to your account.
Don't give anyone your password or access to your account for whatever reason. If you do, it is your own fault and we aren't obligated to help you. If you want someone to do your profile, get them to send you the CSS and copy/paste it. If you can't, contact @DoctorSatan and tell him who did the CSS for you, and he'll put it on your profile. Way too many people have been losing their accounts over something stupid.

No flamewars.
Discussions and debates are okay. In fact, I encourage them, because they keep the site interesting. However, don't go capslock ape shit raging over the fact that someone you don't even know disagrees with your opinion.

No inappropriate content.
The majority of this websites' community are underage. Posting links to a porn site or posting porn images will get you instantly permanently banned.

Don't be any of the following:
Racist, sexist, ageist, anti-(religion), anti-(sexuality), or any of that crap.

Don't hack.
This should be obvious. If you find a bug/glitch/security hole, report it. You will be rewarded depending on the severity of the bug/glitch/security hole.

No drama.
Seriously. Not only will this hurt other users, but it goes to show how mature you are, and will definitely cause you to lose some respect.

Your profile must be visible at all times.
If the staff cannot view your profile, they cannot do their job correctly. If your profile is hidden, the line of code that hides it is subject to deletion. If you replace it, your entire CSS page will be deleted. If you continue to replace it after that, your permission to use CSS at all will be revoked.

Status Rules

Do not post:

- Emoji only statuses
- 1 word statuses
- Statuses with huge, unhidden images
- "PM me" statuses
- "Ask me" statuses
- "brb!!!" statuses
- "Friend me" statuses
- "I have X coins" statuses
- LMS statuses.
- "I'm bored" statuses
- "Invite me to chat" or "Who wants to join my chat" statuses
- "I blocked [username]" or "[username] blocked me" statuses

Don't use a status to reply to another.
Use the comments.

Use the edit feature.
If you want to add onto one of your statuses, you can just edit it. If the "edit timer" has run out, use the comments.

Mail rules

Respect other users.
Don't actively attack other people over mail.

Don't abuse reports.
If someone is just annoying you, block them.
Only report if someone broke a rule, for example, attempting to online date.

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