Swift Goddess by Blooming

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Swift Goddess

Blooming (View Blogs)
2 weeks ago, 12 Views
Category: Poetry
The reflection those crystals emit,
the star light gaze your eyes deceit.
It doesn't matter what they say,
your beauty runs amongst the waves.

Your blemishes reminds of the past,
where knights and warriors fight till they fall into ash.
For queens that that were locked behind bars.
Hiding the pain behind their lucious scars.

Your golden hair conceals the light,
Penetrates thoughout my heart.
Nourishing my will to keep living on,
I promise I'll never be gone.

A simple gentle breeze,
carreses the childhood beneath our knees.
No matter where you are,
my love for you will never go afar.

pls dont pay attention to this it's embarrasing.
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What do you think of this?

2 weeks ago
You shouldn't be embarrassed about this, it's BEAUTIFUL.
I got so many feelings and goosebumps. 100
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