Acronyms for Trainboy by Mudgefudgee

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Acronyms for Trainboy

Mudgefudgee (View Blogs)
1 week ago, 39 Views
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Some people aren't quite literate when it comes to text slang. And that's ok. Here are a few everyday slang terms that can help you in the future.

LOL = lots of love OR Laughing out loud
OMG = Oh my gosh! (Or God)
LMAO= laughing my (censored word for butt) off!
JFC= John Franklin Cennedy
WTF= What the freak/(censored word)
KMSL= Korn, Mayo, slaw and lasagna (most commonly used when parents ask what you want for dinner. It's typically a joke because they don't understand. )
AF/ASF= as f*ck
WWJD= Where was Jehova, dude? OR what would jehova do?
SMH= shaking my head OR shaking my hips (when used in context during explicit conversations *aka sèxting)
POS= parents over shoulder ! Or Piece of sh*t (use context clues for this one)
BRB= be right back OR bae reeks bad (when ur gf reads ur phone and u don't want her to know how bad she smells)
AFK= Anikin Franklin Kennedy (the son of John Franklin Cennedy)
Bobs= (in context of "send bobs" or "open bobs" your boss on.
Vegene= (in context of "send vegene pix" toenail. DO NOT MISTAKE FOR YOUR SEXUAL ORGANS. I made that mistake one time my doctor asked for "vegene pics" after my toenail had athletes foot and I wasn't sure why he wanted pictures of my hooha but let me tell you HE WANTED TOENAIL PICS I found out very embarrassingly...

If you have any more suggestions please mention them in PMs or comments so I can add them to better educate the community.
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What do you think of this?

4 days ago
1 week ago
Blogs wont let me edit so:
lms- lost my spaghetti (translates to "lost my mind"
1 week ago
what is LMS?
1 week ago
1 week ago
Awe thank you.
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