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Pokemon Showdown NU

PuddingX (View Blogs)
3 months ago, 18 Views
Category: Other
Basically just a blog about blogs that I will be making in the future. I'd love to peak people's interest in the tier or in Pokemon Showdown in general, so I decided to make some blogs analyzing the tier. I can't use BBC code yet, so don't expect any pretty screenshots. By no means am I exceptional, but I'm decent enough to talk about the tier.

NU stands for NeverUsed. For the most part it's an incredibly decentralized tier, anything that is centralizing is almost always adapted to in a month or less. Most of these blogs will be either analysis of a specific viability ranking C to S or analysis of a specific Pokemon if the blogs extend long enough or I'm particularly interested in a certain Pokemon. And I might occasionally make blogs about specific roles like hazard setters, sweepers, walls, etc or about usage based tier shifts.

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3 months ago
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