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Plushies i'Ve made

FoxAlchemist (View Blogs)
3 months ago, 33 Views
Category: Other
These are all original. That is, not made by following an already existing pattern.
These will be going from old to new
1: Flowey

I used a wire in His stem, so He is poseable. I should have used tighter stitches though.

2: Bill Cipher

He is also poseable.
I have a newer one I made that looks much better. But, I haven't really taken pictures of it yet.

3: Mimikyu

I really enjoy how this one turned out. i tried to get the details all correct, even the ears are two separate patters, with one being bent at the tip and the other more whispy. The tail was a pain, but, i think it turned out good.

4: Sleepy Freddy Fazbear

This was a christmas gift for My brother

5: Ballonicorn

excuse the cat hair. I hadnt gotten a lint roller yet and just grabbed a blanket for a backdrop

6: Spycrab

7: Sleepy funtime foxy

I dont care as much about fnaf as i used to, but, i still like the foxy line.

8: 2D

I dont make humans often at all, so, I really enjoyed how He turned out. More images can be found here:

9: Noodle

Of course I had to make Noodle. I based this off Her El Manana outfit. Again, more images can be found here:
I need to make the rest of the band some day.

10: Morose (My fursona)

I had to do it. Her tail is a little lighter than the rest of Her because I ran out of the color I was using and couldn't find a match, and, since it's My own plush, I didn't care too much.

11: Sollux Grub

12: (commission) Cake

My first commission!!

13: LooDoo

This was a bit of a test for using this technique for making hair.
LooDoo is a admittingly cringy secondary 'sona I have who is emo/scene furby connect

14: Eridan grub

15: Zangoose

My favorite pokemon

16: Slowpoke

My newest one. In fact, just finished Him today.

There are a few half made things and smaller stuff I've made between these. And, older stuff that's not really good, but, This is My main gallery of things I have made.
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What do you think of this?

3 months ago
These are so amazing!! They're polished, professional, clean... How long does it take you to make them? Do you sell them?
3 months ago
cute!!! 💕
3 months ago
These are all really adorable. I love the grubs.
3 months ago
You should've just redirected me here (':
They look awesome!
3 months ago
Those are amazing.
3 months ago
If I had the money I'd buy a Funtime Foxy, Spycrab, & Zangoose those are so Cool!

Though they all are pretty Cute, I know one of my friends would love that Bill Cipher.
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