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English class

TrainBoy45 (View Blogs)
3 months ago, 27 Views
Category: Rants
I started this as a status, but it got too long. I just copied what I had so far and stared again.

It is hard to come up with sentences for words, which have only been used twice in the history of English.
This is why I hate English class. Instead of teaching us good English, or anything meaningful, they teach us words we'll never use, and ask us to put them together in ways no one will ever use. On all my vocab tests, we have to write a sentence using four of our vocab words. It takes me forever to write that paragraph, and it never makes any sense. It's so rushed. Maybe I do have a sentence that I could use for that word, that fits with the topic, but it should come three paragraphs later in the story or something, and I have to summarize all that in one sentence to fit the stupid word in.

Like, I'll use the word, if it fits. Don't force me to do something. You don't fertilize your lawn unless you need too. You don't replace an engine, unless the engine is broken. You don't cut up a piece of the puzzle, so that it fits. You use what's right. Some words just don't flow with the sentence, and sometimes, I could use the denotation of the word in the sentence, but the connotation won't make sense. It's what I love about English, how no one follows rules. It's free. It flows. You can't fit English into a box, there's too many exceptions. So, why do you want me to use these obscure words in unnatural ways? Sure, I'll use the word ostracize, but it has to be in the correct context.

And that's exactly why my English teacher should no teach English. He would be great at math. He teaches by the book, line for line, rule by rule. The point of English is to break rules. Math on the other hand is all rules. You can teach line for line, rule for rule in math. You can do the same with some science as well. Fact, gravity will always pull thing towards the center of the Earth. In social studies, you can teach us each event, the date, ect. because that's all there is. In English, it's all about tone, and mood, and opinion. Some elements, say legal paper, you can read by the book, rule for rule. But, even in nonfiction texts, like biographies, it's not black and white. The author wants you to feel something, and sometimes the biggest, most complex word, isn't the word that will make you feel in awe of someone. Some times the smallest words have the greatest impact. Sometimes, it's the impact of the small words, with big meaning. Why should we have to use large, robust words, when they don't make sense? I'd rather write in a way that a kid could understand, rather than using a bunch of million dollar words that make no sense in the context of which I am writing.

I love music.
Music is very powerful, and sometimes they use big words, but most of the time, it's how the small words are stringed together that create such a great feeling within us. The sound of the instruments, and the voice, and the words, use in just the right way, that means anything. And sometimes, what has the biggest impact, is the lack of words altogether. Sometimes a silence is the most powerful thing you can say; nothing at all.

That being said, anybody have a decent sentence for condescend, that makes sense?

And sorry if this doesn't make sense, it's a rant, and, I'm also trying to do my English homework atm, so idk if my thoughts had any sense of continuity.
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What do you think of this?

War Hero
3 months ago
I just can't wait for highschool to be over. I mean, I'll still have college, but I won't have to keep making perfect grades. I just have to graduate.

3 months ago
I recently did my High School English online since I didn't have high enough marks and I got 78%, except I pretty much failed the Shakespeare unit. Everything else I got over 80%.
War Hero
3 months ago
That's true. We had to read Oedipus the King.
I was Oedipus.
And it was the condensed version too. It was awful. I was sleeping with my mother, and I killed my father, and I wore out my eyes, and I had to say "o, o, o" right after someone said "shouldn't give head" instead of "shouldn't give heed".

Needless to say my class had their mind in the gutter.

That was honestly the best part of English, everyone thinking about Oedipus (me) getting head.


But anyway, yeah. English II is world lit, so mostly old texts from other languages.
Can't wait for American Lit next year.
3 months ago
Ya see, most stuff in core classes is useful up until a certain point. That "Certain point" is most likely middle or high school, depending on your future job. I don't see why this kind of stuff is forced upon us, because it holds pretty much no value.

Also, it should be called "Reading" instead of "English". A lot of the things that you read in there are translated from another language.
War Hero
3 months ago
omg I hate Shakespeare. All it is, is sexual jokes written in a way that teachers don't ell us what it means, because they know we can't understand. Honestly, A Mid Summer's Night Dream, was a great bit orgy, but none of us knew that cause we can't read Shakespeare. People in Shakespeare day didn't even talk like that.

I'd rather read some classic like The Three Musketeers or something, and discuss the book, than read Shakespeare, or stupid vocab assignments. Some vocab is good, but not like how it's taught today.

3 months ago
English is really important in some aspects because writing essays teaches you to think critically. However, most of it is useless like what you described, as well as stuff like Shakespeare.
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