Update: Is this really for me? by Avionna

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Update: Is this really for me?

Avionna (View Blogs)
3 months ago, 38 Views
Category: Rants
(Last edited by: Avionna, 3 months ago)
My first couple of days in college have been nothing but shit so far. There is literally nothing for me to do. I mean they have a basketball courts, student lounges with computers and television and also movie nights on weekends I guess. We also get to travel for free after 45 days of being enrolled but other then that, I am not allowed to leave campus at all until my 45 days are up.. being that this is a military based college.
The students and staff personal are very nice though, everyone is pretty easy to get along with,
but I'm not socially mature enough to meet new people. I wouldn't say I'm shy or anything, but I'm not usually the first to speak. Also, it makes it harder to meet new friends because I stay in my dorm and I've always kept to myself. Everyone is in the hallways and posted on the stairways being loud and having fun and I'm just in my dorm on my phone bored as ever. We have no t.v in this dorm of 2, no books, no cards, not even board games. It's just 2 closets, bunk beds, a dresser and an iron with an iron board. We will have to bring extras in ourselves. Lucky my roommate said she's going to bring her t.v. so at least I'll be able to watch t.v smh.

I have done nothing since I've got here. I wake up, take a shower to get ready for class, but no!! All of the new students have to sign a lot of paperwork...and I mean A LOT. It's annoying actually, nosey ass questions about how many pair of pants I came with, shirts, underwear, jackets and all that bs. Also, I don't know if I'm going crazy, but every paperwork they give to me appears to be the same questions over and over!!!! But just in a different way.

I want to go home soooo bad.
Also, I've never been this tired in my
entire life. I haven't been online much.
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What do you think of this?

3 months ago
Starting out was a little rough.. actually it was very rough.
I like it now tbh, I love it. I've made a lot of friends, went to a lot of movies for free, I live food and there's all you can eat here lol I'm going to end up getting fat...but yea, it's pretty cool. @Smile99
3 months ago
Wow, it sounds like you really got a tough start at college. I just began my second semester, and things eventually became much better (despite me being very much introverted). All the stuff new college students have to do is just annoying though. Just push through those first 45 days, and then things will hopefully lighten up. I wish you all the best!
War Hero
3 months ago
College isn't for everyone, but since your there, don't waste the oppertunity before you.
3 months ago
It's something brand new you're not used to yet. Push outside of your comfort zone and do new things in order to grow as a person. I'm sure you'll do great once you get the hang of it.
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