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Am I a good person?

2 weeks ago
I always want to strive into people's hearts, I always wanted to seek love from others. I was not always a happy kid, being anti-social and all. Hated other kids for all these constant bashing and out
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Flowing Dream Garden

1 month ago
Rest your eyes, leave your worries behind Your struggle will be attended at another time The needles burrowed within your skin Your father regrets the pain that he pinned Let me be the guardian
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Speak Your Second Language

2 months ago
I was always harassed for speaking in English commonly. Outcasted by that simple ability of mine, it was something I loved to do, something I was so eager to master. Students constantly told me to "Sp
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Swift Goddess

3 months ago
The reflection those crystals emit, the star light gaze your eyes deceit. It doesn't matter what they say, your beauty runs amongst the waves. Your blemishes reminds of the past, where knight
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